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Life has the right fit

The Right Fit Awaits

There comes a time in life,

When nothing seems to pass,

It is the time my friend,

To don on some class.

Life does not wait,

It moves at its speed,

Slow, steady or swift

Leaving you adrift


Poison your words not,

Nor become a dour fool,

Contemplate all you want,

But, love is your best tool.

Love is but a struggle,

To let you what to do,

Slow, steady or swift,

Just enjoy the gift!


Happy smiles seem distant,

When the heart is sad,

Anger, Envy or Ire,

Just add to the dire,

Joy is what you need,

Right there for you to seek,

Slow, steady or swift,

Ready to give you a lift.


Change is very scary,

But, a monster it is not,

It’s very hard to muster,

Despite the initial fluster,

A new dawn awaits,

Awaken your dreams,

Slow, steady or swift,

Go find the right fit!



Be Brave, Be Bold

Be brave, be bold,
The words were heard often,
When we played with abandon,
And studied with dread,

Be brave, be bold,
The words became the mantra,
As self-consciousness set in,
And peers became the judges.

Be brave, be bold,
The words were softly whispered,
When we lay howling on the bed,
And a loved one held on tight.

Be brave, be bold
The words were always emphasized,
As we shared reports and thoughts,
And colleagues egged us to success.

Be brave, be bold,
The words were never truer,
As we looked at the doctor in the room,
And a baby lay still in his arms.

Be brave, be bold,
The words are now our life,
As we move forward without aim,
And, the horizons call us for an embrace!