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Life Lessons From Football

#10Things About Life That Football Teaches You.

As the #WorldCup, 2018 is in full swing, there are billions of people across the world watching as 22-players and a referee run across the field trying to score. #Insta #football may be a big hit, but so are the life lessons to all watching.  Here is my take on the lessons learned by Spain vs. Portugal match – #10Things about life each moment of the match brings forth.

Life throws surprises. Everybody expected Ronaldo to score in the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2018. But within the first five minutes of the match – no way! It is a miracle, and you and I need to learn to appreciate them. Life is like that, you can achieve success with your first attempt but to sustain that constant effort is required, through every playing moment called life. Enjoy that first goal, celebrate it, and indulge your emotions. And,  then get down to work again!

You get kicked around. Just imagine yourself as the football; the only job is to get kicked around. Many times in life, you will feel like that. But, when down and out, don’t stop rolling…others have no game without you. Even the players are grabbing, kicking, elbowing, and generally doing everything in their power to bring the players of the opposite team down. So, what? They don’t lie there, they fight back, and giving the game everything they got for those 90 minutes on the field. Their only aim is to score a goal.

Teams are everything. The captain may be the anchor, but it is the effort of the team that gets results. You may be a star player, but it is your team supporting you, prodding you and pushing you that helps you achieve greatness. Each member on the field, on the sidelines, is important to become a winner. It is the job of the manager and the captain to make sure, there is a shared goal, a common strategy and enough freedom!

Even the best make mistakes. Spain’s goalkeeper Dag is one of the best in the world. But, even he missed a stopping a goal even though the ball came into his hands. This gave the opposite side an edge. It does not diminish his abilities. Many would say his reputation is at stake. But it should act as a spur to be better, not only for him but for the whole team. With this missed goal, Portugal took the lead. But all the player were prepared to be better when the football rolled towards them the next time.

Strong nerves are winners. The same moment also teaches us the man with the nerves remains standing. Cristiano Ronaldo held his nerves while Dega the brilliant goalkeeper did not. Don’t blink when tough ti.es come knocking. Stand up, take a stance and get. The winning moment is awaiting you, don’t lose focus and remain determined to get the work done. Life is the same, remain as cool as a cucumber, keep focused on your work, and the results will follow.

Be cordial with the competition. No hard feeling is always the way forward. On the field, the players on the opposing team are enemies. They are rough, trying to stop each other, but I don’t think the aim is to maim or hurt permanently. You will see players of opposing teams helping each other up, and at the end of the game hugging it out. Another thing to learn here is –  giving your hand to help a person off the ground will not make you weak. It is a sign of healthy competition, pushing each other to become better and achieve success.

You have to move forward. Every business coach will tell you it has to be done with planning and steadily. Watching the Spanish team move the ball forward into the opposing team’s side is the perfect example. One minute they are passing around the ball and in the next, the team has collectively invaded the opponents’ space, ready for an attack. The back and forward movement are what our thoughts and actions are, but the aim is to move forward always, without stopping.

Geniuses inspire us. Cristiano Ronaldo, the lean, mean, machine, is definitely the greatest player. His legwork and precision keep you spellbound. Another hat trick for the genius is great to see at the Russia World Cup. If you have such people around you be Inspired by them, and see carefully to know their brilliance is backed by sheer will and relentless training. Let people praise you, but never ever forget the need to keep improving and bettering yourself.

Self-dependency is important. Diego Costa, scoring the first goal for Spain, is an example of seizing the moment when presented even though your team is playing catch up. If you see his first goal of the match, you will see him surrounded by several players and yet he manages to score, singlehandedly without the help of his team. Similarly, many opportunities will come knocking in life but so will the misgiving, Leave them aside and concentrate on attaining your brilliance.

The wall is just that, a wall. It is standing to block you. In the World Cup, as in life, you will see many such walls. But, you can kick above it and it will crumble in its attempt to stop you. Football players across the world have mastered the art of kicking above the wall to make the ball land in the goal. You can too, after all, the wall of society, the hardships, and everything else, is just a barrier. Put on your thinking cap to beat it, plan the action and then do.

Bonus with the #10Things

Life moves up and down. Sometimes Portugal was on top and for sometime Spain, but the match ended in a draw. Each team kept playing for every moment with the conviction to never give up. So, is life, knocking you about, but ready to support and surround you with love and care. Just count one blessing each day to know what I mean.