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Time, Run, Stay

What’s the Hurry, My Time?

The minutes on my watch,

Don’t fly so fast,

Let my moment

Be a little long.

My past is

Long gone,

Captured in




Some frozen by you

Some forgotten by me

Yet they remain

Living memories

In the depth of my head.

Even today

In the present

A flash of you

I try to grab

In the lines

Of brows and lips

Of family loved

Friendly winks.

Why do you need

To do a sprinter

All I want

Is a moment or two

To savor a second

For as long

As a minute.

I don’t dread

The future

I await it happily,

But, today,

All I ask,

Why are you like a kite

Cut from its strings

Rushing into

Unknown hands.

Do wait,

Tell me

How come you’re so quick

Where do you run

Why do you run

Can’t you wait.

Let the happy moments



Without a thought

Of How restless


You can be!