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10 Things Hospital Waiting Rooms Showed Me

Nobody likes going to hospitals. But, you have to. The extended waiting times and the fear of disease lead to chaos in the minds. But, waiting rooms are also a source of inspiration and human kindness. Here, are the 10 things I saw in the hospital waiting room.

Sick children break your heart

As a parent, a small, listless child, held like a China Doll by a father, breaks your heart, every, single, time. I can see the red eyes, puffed up from crying, and yet, each parent will smile, and you can see their lips move closer to their child’s ears. These are words of encouragement, and love, not only for their child but also for themselves.

2. Human beings are temperamental

Despite all the civility and educational superiority humans claim to possess, a hospital is a right place to see temperaments. Whether it is the nurses, the attendants, the other medical staff or the patients themselves, it takes little for tempers to glare or angry words to be exchanged.

3. Everyone thinks they are right

Patients, doctors and the staff, all look at the waiting room from their points of view. Patient waiting for hours agonizes, a doctor is unapologetic for attending to an emergency, and the receptionists and nurses see patients as haughty. All are right, and yet each one is wronging the other.

4. Discussions are inherent to families

All families love to debate and contradict each other, but it is in a hospital waiting rooms you see the discussions. Hunched over reports they have no expertise to read, they ask each other what the doctor said, what it means and the next steps. You know the discussion will move to the home and will be endless unless a decision is reached.

5. Faith keeps us alive

Death is what we travel towards, and yet it is our faith that keeps the wheels of our lives turning. We have faith in our ability to fight a disease, a doctor to guide us out of the depths of despair or in a God to prolong our lives. Along with our faith, it is our dreams that keep us alive

6. Shattered faith is the worst

Despite the wide berth of forgiveness that doctors enjoy, some will go ahead and shatter faith. Inability to diagnose and vanity to not refer to another doctor, showing up exhausted or drunk for surgeries and in a hurry to meet, trying to attend to more than the number of patients they can examine, forgetting to share basic instructions for diseases which leads to chronic illnesses which could have been cured in the first place.

7. Doctors are interested in money

In India, patients have learned to accept the fact that they will undergo a battery of tests, unnecessary ones. Doctors today are more of money making nodules of a hospital than the healers they are meant to be. To be noble is an outdated virtue and patients with limited options, work on the premise- as long as I am healed, it’s Ok.

8. All humans are not equal

Gender, race, religion or any other classification you want divide humans with cease to exist in a hospital.waiting room. Here, the population is divided, patients and their attendees, hospitals and their staff. God created us all equal, and yet, there are divides which we exist, In real life, reel life as well as hospital life.

9. Nature thrives on interdependency
Patients are fully dependent on doctors, and doctors may not realize it, but without patients ready to line up and wait for them, their demi-God status will come crashing down. Both are dependent on each other for success in living and thriving.

10. Health is wealth
I hate to use the word, but here I have to, literally. If you are healthy, you do not need to waste money and time in hospital waiting rooms. So, an advice I hope I am able to put into practice, exercise, eat well and stay away from junk. In the long run, you will save thousands, as you will need doctors less.