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Archi’s self-written poetry.

I Move Across the Sky

A new day greets,
“Happy with you my peeps,”
“Come,” says the sun,
“See me rise in the sky,
As the darkness fades,
I continue to shine,
Till I am so bright,
I begin to hurt your eye,
Now I’m tired
From the climbing and
The shining,
I need to descend,
In another horizon
Where sleep is breaking,
Souls are awaiting my rise,
Minds are ready to break,
Monotony of life.
But don’t you worry
As I fade,
I leave you with twinkles,
Millions of them,
You won’t need your blinker,
Oh, before I forget,
There’s the big one.
That’s a bit blemished,
Not really a star,
Not even a planet
It changes everyday,
Crescent, half and full,
With a touch of red,
Calling to the lovers,
To yearn, love and weep,
In the dead of the night,
Like me it keeps moving,
Up and down the sky,
But as your eyes,
stop seeing,
the white wonder,
Your heart begins to beat,
A hard thud for all to hear,
Oh, yeah,
Close your eyes,
Let sleep take you,
Away to lands,
Unseen and unknown,
For if your awake now,
Don’t you fret,,
The dark is here,
For just a short time,
I am here to rise again
In all my orange glory,
Telling you, once more
Wake up,
Look at me, peeps
A new day I bring,
Enjoy it fully,
Greet it with love,
For in time’s journey
Across the Sky,
In the blink of an eye,
I will be gone once more.”


Online Reputation

The Plight of Online Reputation

While Pinterest is my photo album,
I tweet my thoughts to share,
Instagram leaves my soul bare
LinkedIn is for the right connect!

But, what do I see here,
What people now read and hear,
I now live in dread,
For the false accusations and contempt,
In remarks leaving a permanent dent.

Oh, who are these people,
I know not of them,
Or where they come from,
All I know is the venom,
They leave below my ideas and dreams.

False to the core of their being,
They damage my reputation online,
People who know me,
Stand by my side,
The others shun me out of sight.

How do I handle this onslaught,
Bad, negative and untrue,
They damage my reputation,
As a writer, a doctor, a chef,
Even on etsy, eBay and Yelp.

Someone protect me now,
Teach me the whys and how,
To show the world I care,
To keep intact, my online rep,
From poisoned arrows and dubious ware.

©By A.G

Be Brave, Be Bold

Be brave, be bold,
The words were heard often,
When we played with abandon,
And studied with dread,

Be brave, be bold,
The words became the mantra,
As self-consciousness set in,
And peers became the judges.

Be brave, be bold,
The words were softly whispered,
When we lay howling on the bed,
And a loved one held on tight.

Be brave, be bold
The words were always emphasized,
As we shared reports and thoughts,
And colleagues egged us to success.

Be brave, be bold,
The words were never truer,
As we looked at the doctor in the room,
And a baby lay still in his arms.

Be brave, be bold,
The words are now our life,
As we move forward without aim,
And, the horizons call us for an embrace!

Jewellery – An expression of your self

When you say Jewels – what do you think of?

Shining stones? Beautiful smiles? Princesses with tiaras? Men with gold-rimmed armour?

Which woman amongst us does not want to imitate them! Follow their lead.

Even some men would be interested. It is but natural – you can jewel up a watch or a belt with stones! What about
cufflinks and ties!

There is a whole variety out there for both men and women.

There is wide range of colours and tints between the three primary colours of blue, green and red! And of course, the evergreen black and white.

Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, garnet are just some jewels or colours, all depends on the way you look at it.

It is no longer an expression of wealth, but of-self. What we wear defines us, presents us to the world!

A nose ring on a teen is rebellion, but In India, it is the tradition.

A necklace strung with black beads with a yellow thread is about panache. But, India, it is a symbol of marriage, just like the gold band you wear on the ring finger.

A tradition in one country! A statement of style for women across the world!

Variation stems from creativity.

Who thinks of this variation.

‘Jewellery designers’ is the immediate answer. But, it is the modern answer. Traditionally, there were no such terms.

In remote areas of the Indian subcontinent, it was the craftsmen and craftswomen. Even children were involved from an early age. Looking for shiny stones, experimenting with metals and thread, playing with the colours! That was the playground, and the workshop. Painstakingly crafting with tone into a piece to be proud of. Meticulously working over their traditional instruments to create masterpieces. Working by hand to deliver earrings, necklaces and bracelets, we are proud to own. And flaunt. As much as their makers are.

And have been.

For generations. Spanning hundreds of years.

Their ancestors set the act in motion. The children continued. And never stopped. Until recently. When machine-made, copies could be manufactured by the dozens. They cut costs. They manufactured more symmetrically. They make us look like alike. Diluting the effect of self-expression, and uniqueness.

How do you remain unique? Choose a piece that is handcrafted. By hand. Experienced hands. Not afraid to experiment. Forever ready to scourge for the shiniest stone or the strong thread to hold the stone. Trying out braids and knots to keep the style intact for a long time.

Handcrafted pieces are a labour of love. You can browse or shop for them online. From the interiors of the Indian subcontinent.

Valentine Fever

A day of love has
once more,
The red is,
The black is,
Love me,
Love me,
Love me,
And within me,
My mind is,
For what,
I wonder,
For what,
My heart,
My soul,
Time flies,
Get in,
The hugs,
the smiles,
From your,
Your child,
Till you have,
The time,
The day,
Don’t get,
left behind
To show,
Your love
Valentine is here,
Enjoy it dear!!!