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Archi’s self-written poetry.

Hour, year, Authornama

Ring in another year!

Another hour gone!
Where did it go?
When did it become a year,
Or for that matter,
Several years,
Where do I look for you?
Oh! The hour gone-by!
Are you a fleeting moment,
In the depth of my heart,
In the spindles,
of my sleep!
In the recess
of my mind!
Or are you lurking?
The hour gone-by
Somewhere around,
Behind the eyes,
In the ears,
Waiting, laughing
Teasing, crying?
Wanting a release,
From the time!
No longer happy
To be an hour,
Running to be a memoir
Of the sun’s ray
Or the moon’s shine
Or the broad smile
That welcomes 2020!

Raksha Bandhan


Why do we need a day,
To celebrate a bond so special,
A bond created,
When we were born,.
Even though we live afar.

Over the years,
We have grown,
To think apart,
Raising, and being raised,
By families of our own.

As busy as our lives get,
We remain,
Loyal and loving,
Calling, chatting and caring,
But not every day.

But, there is one day,
Dedicated to us,
In the year,
The day is called,
Raksha Bandhan.

It represents,
The bond of protection,
Which comes to remind us,
“Pray to protect the privilege”
With all our might.,

This is a bond,
My brother,
With your sister,
To be cherished,

Now is the time to remember,
And to embrace,
The bond that began
When we were born!
Happy #RakshaBandhan!


Time, Run, Stay

What’s the Hurry, My Time?

The minutes on my watch,

Don’t fly so fast,

Let my moment

Be a little long.

My past is

Long gone,

Captured in




Some frozen by you

Some forgotten by me

Yet they remain

Living memories

In the depth of my head.

Even today

In the present

A flash of you

I try to grab

In the lines

Of brows and lips

Of family loved

Friendly winks.

Why do you need

To do a sprinter

All I want

Is a moment or two

To savor a second

For as long

As a minute.

I don’t dread

The future

I await it happily,

But, today,

All I ask,

Why are you like a kite

Cut from its strings

Rushing into

Unknown hands.

Do wait,

Tell me

How come you’re so quick

Where do you run

Why do you run

Can’t you wait.

Let the happy moments



Without a thought

Of How restless


You can be!


Smile, My Heart

My Smile, My Heart!

Why are you so distant
My smile, my heart
Living in a cloud
Of fear,
Of dread
Of things awry.
Come hither,
Touch me,
Speak to me all you want,
Of hopes,
Of dreams,
Of laughter.
Don’t let the despairing winds,
Carry you away,
You are strong,
Of thought,
Of ideas,
Of Love.
Ignore the foolish ways
That the society,
Wants to heap on you
Of stature
Of place
Of ambition
You are mine
To use as I please
So come hither, my heart,
Come take the place
I have reserved for you,
And you alone,
In the throes
Of lips,
Of mind
Of soul.

Office Rows

Row upon row of people,

Typing, clicking, working,.

Some looking up to

Think a word,

Others looking down,

To complete a task,

One sighing,

The other crying,

Not audible,

Yet visible,

To the mirror,

Sitting next

Or across.


© A.G

Life has the right fit

The Right Fit Awaits

There comes a time in life,

When nothing seems to pass,

It is the time my friend,

To don on some class.

Life does not wait,

It moves at its speed,

Slow, steady or swift

Leaving you adrift


Poison your words not,

Nor become a dour fool,

Contemplate all you want,

But, love is your best tool.

Love is but a struggle,

To let you what to do,

Slow, steady or swift,

Just enjoy the gift!


Happy smiles seem distant,

When the heart is sad,

Anger, Envy or Ire,

Just add to the dire,

Joy is what you need,

Right there for you to seek,

Slow, steady or swift,

Ready to give you a lift.


Change is very scary,

But, a monster it is not,

It’s very hard to muster,

Despite the initial fluster,

A new dawn awaits,

Awaken your dreams,

Slow, steady or swift,

Go find the right fit!