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Indian Heroes

Two Heroes of India

Two heroes of India,

One vocal

One silent,

One became father

One became PM,

One is our pride

One is our afterthought!


Two martyrs of India

One shot

One lost,

One died in a crowd

One in a room alone,

One we celebrate

One we obliviate!


Two leaders of India

One worshipped

One forgotten,

One history loves

One history’s footnote,

One we quote

One we ignore!


Two Strengths of India

One omnipresent

One overshadowed,

One is Gandhi

One is Shastri,

One we wish Happy Birthday

One we wish, oh you too!!!


Life Lessons From Football

#10Things About Life That Football Teaches You.

As the #WorldCup, 2018 is in full swing, there are billions of people across the world watching as 22-players and a referee run across the field trying to score. #Insta #football may be a big hit, but so are the life lessons to all watching.  Here is my take on the lessons learned by Spain vs. Portugal match – #10Things about life each moment of the match brings forth.

Life throws surprises. Everybody expected Ronaldo to score in the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2018. But within the first five minutes of the match – no way! It is a miracle, and you and I need to learn to appreciate them. Life is like that, you can achieve success with your first attempt but to sustain that constant effort is required, through every playing moment called life. Enjoy that first goal, celebrate it, and indulge your emotions. And,  then get down to work again!

You get kicked around. Just imagine yourself as the football; the only job is to get kicked around. Many times in life, you will feel like that. But, when down and out, don’t stop rolling…others have no game without you. Even the players are grabbing, kicking, elbowing, and generally doing everything in their power to bring the players of the opposite team down. So, what? They don’t lie there, they fight back, and giving the game everything they got for those 90 minutes on the field. Their only aim is to score a goal.

Teams are everything. The captain may be the anchor, but it is the effort of the team that gets results. You may be a star player, but it is your team supporting you, prodding you and pushing you that helps you achieve greatness. Each member on the field, on the sidelines, is important to become a winner. It is the job of the manager and the captain to make sure, there is a shared goal, a common strategy and enough freedom!

Even the best make mistakes. Spain’s goalkeeper Dag is one of the best in the world. But, even he missed a stopping a goal even though the ball came into his hands. This gave the opposite side an edge. It does not diminish his abilities. Many would say his reputation is at stake. But it should act as a spur to be better, not only for him but for the whole team. With this missed goal, Portugal took the lead. But all the player were prepared to be better when the football rolled towards them the next time.

Strong nerves are winners. The same moment also teaches us the man with the nerves remains standing. Cristiano Ronaldo held his nerves while Dega the brilliant goalkeeper did not. Don’t blink when tough come knocking. Stand up, take a stance and get. The winning moment is awaiting you, don’t lose focus and remain determined to get the work done. Life is the same, remain as cool as a cucumber, keep focused on your work, and the results will follow.

Be cordial with the competition. No hard feeling is always the way forward. On the field, the players on the opposing team are enemies. They are rough, trying to stop each other, but I don’t think the aim is to maim or hurt permanently. You will see players of opposing teams helping each other up, and at the end of the game hugging it out. Another thing to learn here is –  giving your hand to help a person off the ground will not make you weak. It is a sign of healthy competition, pushing each other to become better and achieve success.

You have to move forward. Every business coach will tell you it has to be done with planning and steadily. Watching the Spanish team move the ball forward into the opposing team’s side is the perfect example. One minute they are passing around the ball and in the next, the team has collectively invaded the opponents’ space, ready for an attack. The back and forward movement are what our thoughts and actions are, but the aim is to move forward always, without stopping.

Geniuses inspire us. Cristiano Ronaldo, the lean, mean, machine, is definitely the greatest player. His legwork and precision keep you spellbound. Another hat trick for the genius is great to see at the Russia World Cup. If you have such people around you be Inspired by them, and see carefully to know their brilliance is backed by sheer will and relentless training. Let people praise you, but never ever forget the need to keep improving and bettering yourself.

Self-dependency is important. Diego Costa, scoring the first goal for Spain, is an example of seizing the moment when presented even though your team is playing catch up. If you see his first goal of the match, you will see him surrounded by several players and yet he manages to score, singlehandedly without the help of his team. Similarly, many opportunities will come knocking in life but so will the misgiving, Leave them aside and concentrate on attaining your brilliance.

The wall is just that, a wall. It is standing to block you. In the World Cup, as in life, you will see many such walls. But, you can kick above it and it will crumble in its attempt to stop you. Football players across the world have mastered the art of kicking above the wall to make the ball land in the goal. You can too, after all, the wall of society, the hardships, and everything else, is just a barrier. Put on your thinking cap to beat it, plan the action and then do.

Bonus with the #10Things

Life moves up and down. Sometimes Portugal was on top and for sometime Spain, but the match ended in a draw. Each team kept playing for every moment with the conviction to never give up. So, is life, knocking you about, but ready to support and surround you with love and care. Just count one blessing each day to know what I mean.

#10Things About Crazy GFs And BFFs That The Movie Veere Di Wedding Got Right

There is nothing like school and college best friends or bffs as I like to call them. You meet them when you are young. At that age, minds are impressionable and social obligations low. Together there is the indulgence, laughter, and general happiness as entire days and night are spent chatting with them – f2f or messaging, it does not matter. Veere di wedding brought most of those feelings and emotions of friendships out in the open.

Here are the #10Things the movie got right about female friendships

  1. They are not alike

From crazy as a bat Sakshi Soni to the prim and propah Avni, friends are never alike. They come together because the Universe wants them to know there is someone you can love the moon and back. There is no blood-bonding or other obligations, they are as the saying goes, “A family you get to  choose.”

  1. All the parents know they are a crazy bunch

Avni’s Mom, “All your friends are crazy.”

Avni, “Don’t say anything about my friends.”

My take, “I know that but I can never acknowledge that to anyone. Because then I have to acknowledge, I am crazy as a bat too.”

  1. Their relatives are your relatives

Chacha, buas, didis or sundry cousins, all know you and you know them all. If you are living in the same town, you get invited to all parties with open arms. This Family-Bandhan extends to in-laws too!

  1. Parents know each other but keep a distance

Yes, parents of the bffs know each other well, but you will hardly see them socializing together, except for the important events. My suspicion, ignorance is bliss and parents are not interested in knowing the crazy things their angels are up to.

  1. There is one parent the whole gang is scared of

Yes, bade papa in the movie is not a myth. He or she exists, that one parent, bffs will hide from and react with nervousness on spotting them unexpectedly.  The group is scared of them, collectively. To balance things out there is that one cool parent who is willing to look the other way, not all the times, but sometimes.

  1. Bffs always keep secrets from each other 

From troubles faced by parents to marital discomforts or in-law problems, most bffs will sweep their sorrow under the carpet and show only the sunny side. White lies are there but serious stuff also gets hidden. But, when one person opens the floodgates of sorrow, the others get the confidence to follow suit. 

  1. They shame mercilessly but support without condition

When the character of Meera was raving about putting on weight, her friend told her, “tu crab kha” but when the same friend is shy about her swimsuit, everybody gets her to relax and enjoy. They will tease without mercy, kick butt without reason, be rude when you stray and pull your ears when required. Even if you tell them to stop, the only reaction you can accept is “hein” with a look of sheer incomprehensibility.

  1. Husbands know how important your friends are

At first, they are bemused, then amused, then irritated, followed by wondering, and finally acceptance. These are the five steps for husbands to finally realise, bffs matter as much as parents and siblings, if not more.  Maybe not at the wedding, when they leave you on stage to manage the stream of relatives while they enjoy the party. But every year after, they do. You could say Rishabh knew Kalindi’s close-knit circle of friends, but they had been living together for 2 years. 

  1. Laughter is never a short commodity when you are together

Giggles, smiles, joy, laughter, from the bottom of the heart, is something you experience with them. It’s free to be silly, to not have words misinterpreted or misunderstood. Speaking without a filter is such a relief! Friends forgiving you for speaking under the duress of stress are stress busters- that is what makes them your bffs.

  1. In the end, they respect each other

They may have seen each other at their worst and said some things in heat of the moment that are regrettable. Except for that one heated or troublesome moment, they respect each other tremendously and are each other’s biggest support system. 


There is one thing Veere di Wedding did not mention was the access to designer wear:

11. Sharing is all about caring

Sharing clothes, shoes and jewellery when you are young or old is inherent to BFFs, Clothes get passed around as they gain or lose weight, and designer wear gets booked in advance – especially if you made these friends in hostels!

#10Things Clients Expect From Freelance Writers

You are in freelance content writing for the long-haul, aren’t you? If yes, then the question is – are you aware of the things clients expect from their freelance writers? do you know how important it is to think of your client as a long-term business partner? Meet them on an equal footing, even though you are the vendor, but don’t ever compromise on the #10Things clients expect from freelance content creators.

Here are a few harsh truths for you to digest:

1. Accept the fact, quality is treasured by all – This one is a no-brainer, nobody likes to deal with writers who cannot provide the quality expected. If you deliver, you get the work, if you don’t, you get left out.
2. Research is a win-win for all – If you cannot research, change your profession. From non-fiction to fiction to online content, research is the backbone of the final write-up.
3. Writing about the client gets applause – They are paying to get publicity for their brand, and if you start writing about products and services they don’t provide, then what is the point of paying you.
4. Insightful words will get you the praise – True that, but if you are unable to meet the demand of the type of content required, be ready to receive only one type of content writing assignment or none at all.
5. Reach your users, smartly and simply – Flowery language is perfect if you are describing a lover in a poem, but try that for your online content and you will be dropped like a hot stone.
6. SEO is the foundation to increase reach – Intent is the first brick of a search. If your content does not show up on search, the whole exercise of thinking, creating and editing is a waste.
7. Talk with candour, listen with respect – Ask all the questions you want, even the stupid ones, and you will get the answers, but have the intelligence to listen and embrace the requirement.
8. Today, timeliness is next to Godliness – Success for a freelance writer is totally dependent on the ability to deliver on time, every time.
9. Billing requires a dedicated will – If you do not raise your invoice as required, be prepared for delayed payments and the client’s unwillingness to work with you, however, brilliant you are.
10. Original is not a word, it is a way of life – If you cannot live and work by this belief of providing unique, original content, understand one thing right now, you may get work, but never repeat work.

11. Steady is the step reaching the path of success – Keep working steadily and honestly to become the best writer for the client.



Meeting, Manners, Professionals

#10Things for Choosing the Best Company to Purchase From

Word-of-mouth is important for the shop-o-system survival and is a buyer’s advantage. Advertisements mattered, they pushed a new product or concept, but you would try the product once, and in the end, it had to stand on its merit to become a consumer’s favourite. Today, however, things are different – peddling on the streets has moved to peddling on the mobile. There is no longer a hoarse call from the streets or a bell ringing announcing the ice-cream man. Instead, you have the notification going off telling you which product you can explore and buy. But, keeping these #10Things in mind before finalising a company can save you heartburn and cash-burn.

1. Team size – A bigger does not mean better services, it can also mean chaos, In the long run, a well-managed team can be more efficient.
2. Skillset – Creativity or practical knowledge, both matter during a service purchase. The consumer holds the power of the decision.
3. Overall Experience – A start-up may lack the experience, but can make up with their dedication, enthusiasm and innovativeness.
4. Industry knowledge – Saves time and resources as the deliverers have the knowledge to perform as per expected standards.
5. Open Communication – Both the seller and the purchaser need to articulate expectations clearly. This holds true even for listening.
6. Results Discussion – Ask for clear-cut results if it is a campaign. Don’t trust salespersons who give you ambiguous answers.
7. People’s Reviews – Word-of-mouth and online reviews matter, but remember, every company will have disappointed and happy customers. Look at averages.
8. Their Demeanor – Relaxed and happy people ready to speak their minds should be the first reference as partners when shopping for products and services. .
9. Services Included – Ask for clear-cut document detailing what services the seller will provide and which will cost extra.
10. Costs Shared – Budget is one of the most important factors. Be sure to have the money to pay the charges, or else opt for lighter services.

The above the #10things you need to consider to survive the modern shop-of-system to partner with the best seller. These are just the basics, do your homework, after all, a purchase may be returnable, but will require an expenditure of time and energy.