#10Things About Crazy GFs And BFFs That The Movie Veere Di Wedding Got Right

There is nothing like school and college best friends or bffs as I like to call them. You meet them when you are young. At that age, minds are impressionable and social obligations low. Together there is the indulgence, laughter, and general happiness as entire days and night are spent chatting with them – f2f or messaging, it does not matter. Veere di wedding brought most of those feelings and emotions of friendships out in the open.

Here are the #10Things the movie got right about female friendships

  1. They are not alike

From crazy as a bat Sakshi Soni to the prim and propah Avni, friends are never alike. They come together because the Universe wants them to know there is someone you can love the moon and back. There is no blood-bonding or other obligations, they are as the saying goes, “A family you get to  choose.”

  1. All the parents know they are a crazy bunch

Avni’s Mom, “All your friends are crazy.”

Avni, “Don’t say anything about my friends.”

My take, “I know that but I can never acknowledge that to anyone. Because then I have to acknowledge, I am crazy as a bat too.”

  1. Their relatives are your relatives

Chacha, buas, didis or sundry cousins, all know you and you know them all. If you are living in the same town, you get invited to all parties with open arms. This Family-Bandhan extends to in-laws too!

  1. Parents know each other but keep a distance

Yes, parents of the bffs know each other well, but you will hardly see them socializing together, except for the important events. My suspicion, ignorance is bliss and parents are not interested in knowing the crazy things their angels are up to.

  1. There is one parent the whole gang is scared of

Yes, bade papa in the movie is not a myth. He or she exists, that one parent, bffs will hide from and react with nervousness on spotting them unexpectedly.  The group is scared of them, collectively. To balance things out there is that one cool parent who is willing to look the other way, not all the times, but sometimes.

  1. Bffs always keep secrets from each other 

From troubles faced by parents to marital discomforts or in-law problems, most bffs will sweep their sorrow under the carpet and show only the sunny side. White lies are there but serious stuff also gets hidden. But, when one person opens the floodgates of sorrow, the others get the confidence to follow suit. 

  1. They shame mercilessly but support without condition

When the character of Meera was raving about putting on weight, her friend told her, “tu crab kha” but when the same friend is shy about her swimsuit, everybody gets her to relax and enjoy. They will tease without mercy, kick butt without reason, be rude when you stray and pull your ears when required. Even if you tell them to stop, the only reaction you can accept is “hein” with a look of sheer incomprehensibility.

  1. Husbands know how important your friends are

At first, they are bemused, then amused, then irritated, followed by wondering, and finally acceptance. These are the five steps for husbands to finally realise, bffs matter as much as parents and siblings, if not more.  Maybe not at the wedding, when they leave you on stage to manage the stream of relatives while they enjoy the party. But every year after, they do. You could say Rishabh knew Kalindi’s close-knit circle of friends, but they had been living together for 2 years. 

  1. Laughter is never a short commodity when you are together

Giggles, smiles, joy, laughter, from the bottom of the heart, is something you experience with them. It’s free to be silly, to not have words misinterpreted or misunderstood. Speaking without a filter is such a relief! Friends forgiving you for speaking under the duress of stress are stress busters- that is what makes them your bffs.

  1. In the end, they respect each other

They may have seen each other at their worst and said some things in heat of the moment that are regrettable. Except for that one heated or troublesome moment, they respect each other tremendously and are each other’s biggest support system. 


There is one thing Veere di Wedding did not mention was the access to designer wear:

11. Sharing is all about caring

Sharing clothes, shoes and jewellery when you are young or old is inherent to BFFs, Clothes get passed around as they gain or lose weight, and designer wear gets booked in advance – especially if you made these friends in hostels!

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