Online Reputation

The Plight of Online Reputation

While Pinterest is my photo album,
I tweet my thoughts to share,
Instagram leaves my soul bare
LinkedIn is for the right connect!

But, what do I see here,
What people now read and hear,
I now live in dread,
For the false accusations and contempt,
In remarks leaving a permanent dent.

Oh, who are these people,
I know not of them,
Or where they come from,
All I know is the venom,
They leave below my ideas and dreams.

False to the core of their being,
They damage my reputation online,
People who know me,
Stand by my side,
The others shun me out of sight.

How do I handle this onslaught,
Bad, negative and untrue,
They damage my reputation,
As a writer, a doctor, a chef,
Even on etsy, eBay and Yelp.

Someone protect me now,
Teach me the whys and how,
To show the world I care,
To keep intact, my online rep,
From poisoned arrows and dubious ware.

┬ęBy A.G

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