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Indian Heroes

Two Heroes of India

Two heroes of India,

One vocal

One silent,

One became father

One became PM,

One is our pride

One is our afterthought!


Two martyrs of India

One shot

One lost,

One died in a crowd

One in a room alone,

One we celebrate

One we obliviate!


Two leaders of India

One worshipped

One forgotten,

One history loves

One history’s footnote,

One we quote

One we ignore!


Two Strengths of India

One omnipresent

One overshadowed,

One is Gandhi

One is Shastri,

One we wish Happy Birthday

One we wish, oh you too!!!


Jewellery – An expression of your self

When you say Jewels – what do you think of?

Shining stones? Beautiful smiles? Princesses with tiaras? Men with gold-rimmed armour?

Which woman amongst us does not want to imitate them! Follow their lead.

Even some men would be interested. It is but natural – you can jewel up a watch or a belt with stones! What about
cufflinks and ties!

There is a whole variety out there for both men and women.

There is wide range of colours and tints between the three primary colours of blue, green and red! And of course, the evergreen black and white.

Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, garnet are just some jewels or colours, all depends on the way you look at it.

It is no longer an expression of wealth, but of-self. What we wear defines us, presents us to the world!

A nose ring on a teen is rebellion, but In India, it is the tradition.

A necklace strung with black beads with a yellow thread is about panache. But, India, it is a symbol of marriage, just like the gold band you wear on the ring finger.

A tradition in one country! A statement of style for women across the world!

Variation stems from creativity.

Who thinks of this variation.

‘Jewellery designers’ is the immediate answer. But, it is the modern answer. Traditionally, there were no such terms.

In remote areas of the Indian subcontinent, it was the craftsmen and craftswomen. Even children were involved from an early age. Looking for shiny stones, experimenting with metals and thread, playing with the colours! That was the playground, and the workshop. Painstakingly crafting with tone into a piece to be proud of. Meticulously working over their traditional instruments to create masterpieces. Working by hand to deliver earrings, necklaces and bracelets, we are proud to own. And flaunt. As much as their makers are.

And have been.

For generations. Spanning hundreds of years.

Their ancestors set the act in motion. The children continued. And never stopped. Until recently. When machine-made, copies could be manufactured by the dozens. They cut costs. They manufactured more symmetrically. They make us look like alike. Diluting the effect of self-expression, and uniqueness.

How do you remain unique? Choose a piece that is handcrafted. By hand. Experienced hands. Not afraid to experiment. Forever ready to scourge for the shiniest stone or the strong thread to hold the stone. Trying out braids and knots to keep the style intact for a long time.

Handcrafted pieces are a labour of love. You can browse or shop for them online. From the interiors of the Indian subcontinent.