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A Quick Peek At Google Adwords

There is a popular saying in Hindi which roughly translated into 1 plus 1 equals 11. Similarly, while you may be running an SEO campaign to reach the top of SERPs, using Google Adwords simultaneously could have a more powerful impact.

In this blog, we are here to help you build your understanding of Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords? 

Google ads are online advertisement bids on identified keywords. The ads appear on Google search, and the user can click on an ad to reach the targeted page. The advertiser has to pay for the impression and click.

  • An impression is when the ad appears as a result of a search.
  • Click is when a user clicks on the ad to reach the targeted webpage.  

A Google ad will help you get users to your site. But, it does not guarantee a sale. That onus falls on the website design and content.

Working of the Google ads

Depending on your industry and need, the cost of the competitiveness of the keywords, Google will charge you for every click. You can set the highest amount you are ready to pay for each click. It is known as Pay per click or PPC. For example, if you are selling wedding lehangas, the keyword wedding lehanga is more likely to have a higher click cost than the keyword wedding lehanga in Andheri, Mumbai.

This is not the thumb rule and you can use the feature from your Google account to check on bidding and cost of different keywords.  Remember, Google Adwords caters to a changing world of PPC advertising and it is necessary to stay updated.

Benefits of Google Ads 

In a competitive environment, you require users to reach your page and learn about your products. Google Ad Services are the new #shop-o-system that share the right message with identified keywords. Unlike print advertising, you can target relevant consumers for a higher click-through-rate or CTR.

  • Adwords work faster to increase footfalls and get leads
  • Establishing brand awareness and improving brand recall
  • Reaching relevant users
  • Helping with metrics for constant improvement

Many people and businesses are using PPC and Google Adwords to achieve the success they are looking for on Google search results.

But, here are a few things you need to remember:

  • You need to constantly monitor the campaign
  • It takes a few tries to figure out the keywords
  • Messages on your ad should be crisp
  • Speak the language of your user to get better results
  • Leads do not mean sales

Let us end with another popular Hindi phrase – a person who does not know how to dance will call the dance floor uneven. Don’t be like that! Know your Adwords, understand Google and learn the lesson to turn yourself into a brand!  

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